Loging Group production facilities for the production and distribution of car glass and wiring for Renault near Novo mesto, Slovenia.

Production facility F – Loging Group, 35 m x 57 m x 10 m, for Japanese wiring manufacturer and Renault supplier Sumitomo near Novo mesto, Slovenia.

Variahome production facility, 31,5 m x 88 m x 12,5 m, for the production of prefabricated wooden modular living units in Amtzell, Germany.

Variahome production facility with one 20 t overhead crane and two 5 t overhead cranes in Amtzell, Germany.

High-racking storage facility DSV / Bayer Healthcare with storage mezzanine and auxiliary rooms on three floors in Naklo, Slovenia.

AquafilSLO storage facility, 50 m x 140 m x 7 m, with a jutting roof on the side and a snow melting system on the roof in Kranj, Slovenia.

Renault storage facility, 50 m x 140 m x 7 m, with smoke curtains between smoke zones inside the hall in Novo mesto, Slovenia.

Event facility Jülich with a shell-shaped thermomembrane roof, 85 m x 48 m x 10 m, for 1500 people in in Jülich, Germany.

Entrance to “Tarlan center” hockey facility with an ice hockey hall, entrance and wardrobe annex in Astana, Kazakhstan.

“Tarlan center” hockey hall, 36 m x 66 m x 13,8 m with an ice hockey rink in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Tennis hall VAS Villach, 37 m x 55 m x 12,3 m, with three tennis courts and opening surfaces in the façade in Villach, Austria.

Nockhalle ice hockey hall, 46 m x 65 m x 14 m, with an ice hockey rink in Radenthein, Austria.

Energy efficient Nockhalle ice hockey hall that uses the heat from the ice maintaining machines for heating the facility in Radenthein, Austria.

Ptuj sports hall, 35 m x 53 m x 10,6 m, with auxiliary rooms, boxing hall and bar in Ptuj, Slovenia.

Ptuj sports hall, 35 m x 53 m x 10,6 m, with a combined roof from thermomembrane roofing and roof panels in Ptuj, Slovenia.

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Loging Group production facilities near Novo mesto, Slovenia

In Šentjernej near Novo mesto in Slovenia our company has set up a large complex of our own facilities for the production and distribution of Pilkington car glass and wiring from the Japanese manufacturers Yazaki and Sumitomo for the needs of Renault factory.

Manufacturing facilities in Lendava, Slovenia

Our steel constructions are manufactured in a new manufacture facility in Lendava, Slovenia. Production capacity is up to 1.000 tons of steel constructions per month.