Business Facilities & Manufacturing Halls

What are the characteristics of our business and manufacturing facilities?

Fast realization and adaptability can be achieved with prefabricated constructing and with elements that enable multiple combinations.

  • A strong metal construction gives the facility excellent stability and high load capacity.
  • External walls are made of different types of façade sandwich panels with different fillings.
  • The roofing is made of roof sandwich panels or a translucent thermomembrane, but we can also use a combination of both materials.
  • Electrical and other installations (power lines, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation…) and other infrastructure can be adapted according to the type and the purpose of the facility.
  • We can help you choose all the additional equipment, especially regarding logistic solutions.

How do we provide functionality, cost-effectiveness and safety of our facilities?

Functionality, cost-effectiveness and safety are our main focus when planning a facility.