Do you have new ideas or special requirements and are looking for innovative solutions to make them reality?

Would you like your facility to be different, for example with a unique façade that also provides energy efficiency?


Do you want a functional and attractive overhead roofing?


Do you need a functional solution?

Are you thinking about:

  • a unique entrance,
  • a translucent opening roof or a winter/summer garden,
  • a summer house,
  • a roof over your swimming pool or any other surface where you would like to have more daylight or even UV light,
  • a guard rail or a safety barrier with a soft fence,
  • a roof over your parking lot,
  • etc…?

How do we make your ideas reality?

We transform your ideas and needs into practical solutions; we use the infinite potential of combining metal constructions with membrane. Our solutions are round up with electromotor mechanisms for opening and closing, lowering and lifting the walls, doors, ramps or other elements you would like to add functionality or dynamic to.

Read more about membrane, a new building material: Technical information.