What kind of material and technology makes innovative solutions possible?

  • Steel (under)constructions provide suitable stability and carrying capacity and offer limitless shaping and combining possibilities.
  • Thermomembrane is a great and strong material with characteristics that can let your imagination run wild and it can be perfectly combined with traditional building materials.
  • We use electromotor mechanisms to keep it dynamic and to ensure the best possible functionality of every solution.

These membrane characteristics bring many advantages:

  • The main advantage is the possibility of combining different 2D and 3D designs and several joining options (welding) that enable countless possible realizations and variations. It makes it possible to create even the most complicated shapes and surfaces of “soft” design.
  • Using different translucency options of the membrane, we can get many light effects.
  • The stiff layers of compressed air inside the membrane ensure the necessary insulation and stability of the thermomembrane.