Advantages of thermomembrane roofing

Light thermomembrane roofing consists of two layers of strong PVC translucent membrane with a middle layer of compressed air for thermal insulation and stability of the roofing.

  • The main advantage of thermomembrane roofing is translucency. It provides the facility with 250 to 450 lx of daylight, which helps you to save energy.
  • Thanks to the translucent thermomembrane roofing, additional lighting elements such as windows or light bands are not necessary, which makes the investment even cheaper.
  • We also offer energy efficient thermomembrane roofing with LOW-E coating that provides favourable climate conditions inside the facility throughout the whole year and helps you to save energy.
  • Stiff layers of compressed air inside the roofing provide the necessary stability and load capacity of the roof in all weather conditions (snow, wind, change of temperature…). And because it is very light, it also provides better stability in case of an earthquake.