Advantages of our storage halls

  • Load capacity of our facilities can be adopted according to the environmental conditions at the location of the facility (snow, wind, earthquakes…).
  • Thermal insulation according to the purpose of the storage facility and the weather conditions.
  • Functionality of our facilities is provided by a well-considered infrastructure and additional storage equipment.
  • Cost effectiveness can be achieved by using the right insulation, natural lighting and functional infrastructure and equipment solutions. Thus we also reduce your energy costs for operating the facility.
  • Long lifespan of our facilities due to high quality materials and modern technology, combined with regular maintenance, which is also part of our services.

Advantages of temporary facilities

  • The procedure for obtaining all the necessary permits is fast and simple.
  • A facility can be built directly on an asphalt surface.
  • You can either buy or rent a mobile hall. For more information see Rent a mobile hall.